The ongoing project

Growtopia is a 2d, sidescroller, mmo game designed for handheld devices. In this game, the players use certain items to build a world for themselfes, and others to explore, work or just jump around.

The application Growtopia Tools was originally made for the players of the game, Growtopia to be able to design a world easier then they would in the game itself. Since then, it has been extended with some other features as well.

About MrKapocs

aka a bunch of super important information about me

I am an undergraduate at the leading university of Hungary. When I get my degree in 2018, it will state that I am a software engineer. Lucky for me my area of experties do not require a piece of paper. In other words I can code / design as many programs as I like (not like an undergraduate surgeon, if you know what I mean)

Growtopia Tools

If I can do that, and I have a pretty good understanding on development, and I learn a lot too (internet is a great tool to do that) why wouldn't I do it. Well I did. My first project is an android application called Growtopia Tools. Its a simple application for the people who play the game Growtopia.

The tools I needed to make Growtopia Tools are the Unity 3D Game Engine, and C# programming language. I had to use some native java codes too to make some plugins for the app (for example to secure the application from pirates)


While I was working on my application, I really got used to this amazing game engine. The truth is that I haven't really checked out any other engines yet, because the free version of Unity gives me everything I would ever need, and probably more. In my opinion one of the most important features unity gives us is to develop to every operation system I know, and that might not be a lot, but it includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, IOS, Windows Phone 8. And it is plenty enough for me.

You may think using unity is cheating... Well as I tell everybody all the time, I would write everything in assembly if I had infine time. Unity has a lot of built in features like the UI that I don't have to code myself. But this doesn't really mean that I am just clicking here and there and the app is ready.

Back to the UI. So with 2 clicks I can set up a button has visual feedback when I click on it, or hover over it with the mouse. That is true. But I can't make like a popup menu just by clicking with the mouse. So yeah, you need to code things that aren't in unity. But what programing language can you use?

You have to C#

You can choose from UnityScript which is in my opinion very similar to JavaScript (well its not only my opinion, so), and there is Boo (never heard of it, I don't know anyone who speaks... I mean can code in it, or I don't know if I know anyone. Lets just say its an option), and finally there is C#.

I use C#, and I recommend everybody to do the same. UnityScript is ok for begginers, but even they have to learn some more advanced programming language, because after a while UnityScript will not be enough.

Thats all for now.